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Building Relationships & Healthy Mouths

Our mission at Keep Smiling Family Dentistry is simple. We want to build long-lasting relationships and healthy smiles. We live by the “Golden Rule,” so we treat our patients the way we want to be treated. That means providing a welcoming and judgment-free atmosphere, expert dental care, and flexible treatment options for all budgets and situations.

We strive to be more than just another dental office. We want to be a dental home for you and your family. With services for patients of all ages and a warm, kind approach to dental treatment, our goal is to provide a truly exceptional care experience. When it’s time for your next checkup, we want you to look forward to your visit with the team at Keep Smiling Family Dentistry.

Dr. Joshua Allen

Meet Your Prescott Dentist

Dr. Joshua Allen joined Keep Smiling Family Dentistry in 2020. He first met our previous dentist, Dr. Donaldson, when he was a fourth-year dental student in 2017. After graduating dental school, Dr. Allen moved to Colorado to start his dental career, but stayed in touch with Dr. Donaldson, and joined his team as an associate, eventually buying the practice from him in 2021.

Dr. Allen’s parents were both US Air Force Academy grads, and he moved throughout the US as he grew up. His interest in dentistry began during his early college days when he shadowed several doctors in the medical field and was attracted to the field of dentistry. He worked in a dental lab and took a gap year to study for the DAT, and then attended Midwestern University in Glendale for dental school where he graduated with his DMD in 2018.

After working at a few dental offices in Colorado, Dr. Allen wanted the opportunity to build something of his own and follow his unique vision of how to practice dentistry. He took over our office from Dr. Donaldson in 2020 after his retirement, and is dedicated to providing the same level of gentle, expert care that our office has been offering since it was founded in 1979.

In his free time, Dr. Allen loves the great outdoors and is a big fan of camping, hiking, and traveling. He also loves spending time with his wife and dental assistant, Dina. They regularly visit new restaurants and coffee shops in the area, and they're both active members of Restoration Church.


Meet Our Team

Friendly Faces In Prescott

From the moment you walk into our office in Prescott, AZ, you’ll feel welcome. Our team is dedicated to providing friendly and judgment-free care for patients of all ages, and from all walks of life. Learn more about us below, and see why you should choose Keep Smiling Family Dentistry as your new dental home.

Laurie Allen

Dental Hygienist
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Toni Cunningham

Office Manager
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Mattie Smith

Dental Assistant
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Wendy Tillman

Chairside Assistant
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Dina Allen

Dental Assistant
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What To Expect At Your First Visit

Come In And Make Yourself At Home

At your first visit, you’ll check in with our front office staff. You can fill out your forms online, or in-person at Keep Smiling Family Dentistry. Once it’s time for your appointment, you’ll be taken back to one of our comfortable patient operatories.

Then, you’ll get x-rays taken of your mouth. One of our dental team members will clean your teeth by scraping away plaque and tartar, polishing your teeth, and flossing between them. After that, Dr. Allen will look at your x-rays and perform a comprehensive oral exam to check for any oral health issues.

If he notices any problems, he’ll discuss these with you, and make a treatment recommendation. If not, you’ll just need to schedule your next checkup. Stop by our front office on the way out, and we’ll get you all set up.

Digital Dentistry

You can say goodbye to dental trays and putty-based dental impressions. We use digital technology to scan your teeth during treatment, making it easier for you to get the treatment you need.

Trios Intraoral Scanner

Our Trios intraoral scanner takes detailed 3D images of the inside of your mouth. This makes it easier to identify common oral health issues, plan treatments like veneers and crowns, and provide expert dental care in Prescott.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are faster, require less radiation, and provide clearer images when compared to film-based x-rays. With our advanced x-ray technology, Dr. Allen can get unprecedented insights into your oral health.

Local Give Back

Community Outreach

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Free Consultations Available

Get The Care You Need In Prescott

At Keep Smiling Family Dentistry, we want to make it easy for you to get the dental care you need. That’s why Dr. Allen offers free consultations for a variety of patients. At our office, we offer free consultations for dentures, dental implants, and smile design, as well as take-home teeth whitening treatment. No matter what dental issues you may be facing, we’re here to help with free consultations in Prescott.

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